Our Services

At Rowley’s Performance Mechanical, we offer services that were traditionally exclusive to dealerships. Now, you have a far more convenient choice for exceptional quality and service.

Ac Services

Is your car's interior heating up in an undesirable way? If you notice unusual odors or unexplained leaks, your air conditioning system might require attention. At ROWLEY'S PERFORMANCE MECHANICAL, our skilled team specializes in thorough AC inspections, utilizing cutting-edge technology to diagnose issues effectively. With our expertise, we'll restore your vehicle's cool comfort with cost-effective solutions. Schedule a diagnostic today to keep your ride cool and comfortable.

Alternator And Starter Services

Imagine your car's battery quickly losing its power without a functioning alternator, leaving you stranded. When your alternator shows signs of trouble, you need a professional team to handle the situation. At ROWLEY'S PERFORMANCE MECHANICAL, our certified technicians are skilled in diagnosing and repairing alternator issues. We use high-quality OEM parts for all our work to ensure the best performance. Let us take care of your vehicle, and you'll be back on the road in no time. πŸš—βœ¨πŸ› οΈ


Let's discuss the importance of coolant flushes for your vehicle – they provide the essential care your car's engine requires. Regular maintenance, including taking care of your cooling system, is crucial for optimal performance. The experts at Rowley's Automotive Performance recommend an annual coolant flush to ensure your vehicle operates at its best. If you can't recall when your car last received this important service, there's no need to worry. Our team is here to assist and help you stay on top of your vehicle's maintenance schedule. Let's keep your car running smoothly and your engine operating efficiently!


Let's discuss Rowley's Performance Mechanical – your trusted source for all your car battery needs. Whether your battery needs testing, replacement, or maintenance, RPM provides comprehensive services to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Their team of experts ensures your battery is in excellent condition and ready for any journey.

Electrical System

Let's talk about your car's electric mojo – it's like the wizard behind the curtain making things happen. But when the magic fizzles out, playing detective with your car's electrical system is like finding a needle in a haystack. Let's discuss your car's electrical system, the unseen force that keeps your vehicle running smoothly. When issues arise, diagnosing problems in the electrical system can be a complex task. Fortunately, Rowley's Performance Mechanical and their team of certified technicians excel in resolving these challenges. They approach each electrical issue with precision and expertise, quickly identifying and rectifying any malfunctions. With Rowley's on the case, you can expect a swift resolution and a return to stress-free driving. Trust Rowley's to ensure your rides are smooth and reliable.

Engine Services

Let's discuss engines, the powerhouse of your vehicle that requires expert attention. Rowley's Performance Mechanical and their skilled technicians act as the support team for your engine, managing repairs and maintenance with precision. From minor issues to major overhauls, Rowley's provides comprehensive engine services tailored to your needs. Their commitment to customer convenience includes offering a complimentary courtesy shuttle, allowing you to go about your day while they attend to your vehicle. Trust Rowley's to handle your engine issues with the highest level of expertise and care.

Air Filtration

Let's discuss Rowley's Performance Mechanical – your trusted source for high-quality auto air filtration services. They provide thorough maintenance for both engine and cabin air filters, ensuring your vehicle's systems function efficiently. These seemingly small filters play a crucial role in your car's performance and air quality. Rowley's meticulous care keeps them clean and operating at optimal levels, promoting better air flow and a smoother ride. With Rowley's, your vehicle is in expert hands, receiving top-notch care for peak performance and comfort. Trust Rowley's Performance Mechanical for all your air filtration needs.


Has your car started to drift to the right or left? Rowley's Performance Mechanical can help ensure your vehicle stays on course. They specialize in alignment checks and adjustments to correct any deviations and enhance your driving experience. Utilizing advanced computerized alignment technology, their skilled technicians identify even the slightest misalignments and make the necessary corrections. Whether your vehicle needs a routine alignment check or a comprehensive four-wheel adjustment, contact Rowley's for expert service. Let Rowley's Performance Mechanical restore your car's alignment for a smooth and stable ride. Trust their expertise to keep your wheels in perfect harmony.

Auto Repair Estimate

Let’s discuss Rowley's Performance Mechanical – your trusted partner for all makes and models of vehicles. This team provides exceptional automotive service with a focus on transparency and precision. Instead of vague estimates, they offer clear and accurate assessments to keep you well-informed about your vehicle's needs. Rowley's skilled technicians use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to deliver high-quality repairs and maintenance, addressing everything from routine check-ups to complex issues. Their commitment to exceptional service ensures your vehicle receives meticulous care and attention. With Rowley's Performance Mechanical, you can trust that your vehicle is in capable hands. Let their expertise and dedication keep your car running smoothly.

Check Engine Light

Got a mini panic attack because of that sneaky check engine light? No worries – Rowley's Performance Mechanical has got your back, and we promise, no judgment here! Your car's just being a drama queen, signaling it needs some love. Our tech whizzes are like check engine light therapists, diving deep into diagnostics with speed and accuracy. We know your time is gold, so we're all about quick fixes to get you cruising safely again. Is the check engine light causing you concern? Rest assured that Rowley's Performance Mechanical is here to help, and there's no need to worry. Your car is simply signaling that it needs attention. Our skilled technicians specialize in check engine light diagnostics, providing fast and accurate solutions. We value your time, so we aim to resolve issues promptly and efficiently to get you back on the road safely. Choosing Rowley's Performance Mechanical means selecting a dedicated and knowledgeable team for your vehicle. Beyond repairs, we strive to enhance your driving experience and prioritize your safety. Our transparent approach ensures you understand your car's condition and the recommended course of action. Trust us to keep your vehicle in excellent condition and your check engine light at bay.

Computer Diagnostic

Experiencing car troubles? There's no need to worryβ€”Rowley's Performance Mechanical is here to help. Their team of certified technicians is highly skilled in computer diagnostics and equipped with advanced technology to handle all your vehicle needs. At Rowley's, you receive a comprehensive digital vehicle inspection report, offering clear insights into your car's condition without any confusing jargon. Moreover, your approval is required for any repairs; you are in control of the process and decisions. Rowley's Performance Mechanical is your trusted partner for all your car's quirks and needs. Let them take care of your vehicle with precision and expertise. Are you ready to experience the exceptional service at Rowley's?

Courtesy Inspections

Let's discuss vehicle maintenance with Rowley's Performance Mechanical – your car's trusted caretakers. Their team of experienced professionals offers a complimentary inspection of your vehicle's major systems, ensuring that your car is running optimally. With Rowley's, you don't have to worry about car maintenance. Their commitment to transparency means they inform you of any potential issues before they become more serious. Prioritizing safety, they act as your car's dedicated protectors. Allow Rowley's to manage your vehicle's maintenance needs. Simply book an appointment, and they will take care of the rest. Let them provide your car with the expert attention it deserves.

Extended Warranty Services

Contact us regarding your extended warranty services.


Need a hand with your fleet? Rowley's Performance Mechanical has got your back, and they're like the superheroes of reliable and comprehensive fleet services. Whether it's zippy cars or big ol' trucks, they're the go-to team for all things auto repair. When you're in the fleet game, time is gold. Rowley's knows that if your vehicles throw a tantrum, it's like money raining down the drain. But don't sweat it – their skilled mechanics are like the Flash of the auto world. Quick, efficient, and fixing things up at prices that won't break the bank. Time to let Rowley's be your fleet's trusty sidekick! πŸš—πŸ”§πŸ’ΌπŸ˜„

Fuel System

Is your vehicle's fuel system experiencing issues? Allow Rowley's Performance Mechanical to solve the problem without wasting your gas or power.


Our team would like to bring attention to the vital components of your car - the suspension and drivetrain. The suspension is responsible for maintaining stability while the drivetrain provides power to the wheels. In the event of any issues with these systems, Rowley's Performance Mechanical is here to help. Our certified technicians are highly skilled in resolving any problems your car may face, ensuring optimal performance and a smooth driving experience. Trust us to be your car's reliable support system. Choose Rowley's - your suspension and drivetrain experts. πŸš—πŸ’¨πŸ› οΈπŸ˜„


Rowley's Performance Mechanical offers a range of exhaust services designed to keep your car running at its best. From leak detections to emissions inspections, they are dedicated to ensuring your vehicle works in perfect harmony. Trust the experts at Rowley's to keep your car's emissions in check and performing at peak efficiency. Your exhaust deserves nothing less than the best.

Oil and Filter Change

Rowley's Performance Mechanical is your expert in oil changes for your vehicle. We understand the importance of keeping your engine operating smoothly and efficiently. Whether your car requires conventional, blend, or full-synthetic oil, Rowley's has the solution for you. We also offer additives to extend the life of your oil changes. Plus, every oil change includes a brand new filter to keep your engine in top shape. Trust Rowley's to provide your car with the high-quality oil change it deserves. πŸš—πŸ›’οΈπŸ”§πŸ˜„

Power Steering

Rowley's Performance Mechanical is your solution for power steering maintenance and repair. Our certified technicians are equipped to handle any issue your vehicle may have, from basic system checkups to fluid flushes using top-of-the-line BG power steering fluid. In the event of serious belt or pump issues, our professionals offer reliable repair options. Trust us to give your car the professional care it deserves.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Hey friend, let's talk about car shopping – the wild west of potential vehicle adventures! Rowley's Performance Mechanical is like your car-buying sidekick, and they've got a golden tip for you. If you're eyeing a ride without a warranty, a pre-purchase inspection by Rowley's is like bringing a superhero to the negotiation table. It's not just a safety net; it's a financial wizard move. Finding issues upfront is like holding all the aces – you can haggle for a better deal or dodge a bullet if things get too wild. Because, let's face it, your car adventure deserves a happy ending. Trust Rowley's – they're like the fairy godmother of car inspections! πŸš—πŸ’«πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ˜„

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is crucial to keep your vehicle running smoothly and to prevent unexpected breakdowns. Regularly servicing your car ensures that it is operating at optimal levels, with vital parts such as brakes, engine oil, and fluids being checked and replaced if necessary. Neglecting routine maintenance can lead to more expensive and time-consuming repairs down the line. Moreover, a well-maintained car will have better fuel economy and emit fewer pollutants. Don't skip your scheduled maintenance - it will keep your car safe, reliable, and efficient for years to come.


Looking for reliable and experienced professionals to take care of your car's drivetrain and suspension? Look no further than Rowley's Performance Mechanical. Our certified technicians are dedicated to providing honest and transparent service to diagnose and repair any issues, with your safety and satisfaction as our top priorities. Trust us to be your car's best friend and ensure you're back on the road in no time. Contact Rowley's for all your drivetrain and suspension needs. πŸš—πŸ’ͺπŸ› οΈπŸ˜„

Tire Rotation

Proper tire maintenance is vital for prolonged use and optimal performance. At Rowley's Performance Mechanical, we understand the significance of ensuring your wheels are in the best condition possible. As certified experts in the industry, we know that tire lifespan depends on driving habits, brand, and quality. That's why we believe in regular tire rotations to extend the life of your tires. Our top-of-the-line equipment and skilled technicians guarantee precise balancing and tire replacement only when necessary, prioritizing your safety on the road. When it comes to your car's rockstar tires, trust Rowley's as your reliable bodyguards. πŸš—πŸŽΈπŸ”§πŸ˜„

Transmission Services

Rowley's Performance Mechanical specializes in both automatic and manual transmissions, offering services from flushes to full-blown replacements for all makes and models. Our certified technicians are transmission experts, ensuring smooth shifting and top-notch performance. Trust us to get it right the first time, with no need for additional service. If your car's transmission needs attention, our experienced crew is ready to assist you in a professional and friendly manner. We believe every car deserves a transmission that performs flawlessly, every time.

Tune Ups

Hey buddy, let's talk about your car's secret to a long and happy life – it's like a well-kept diary, but for your ride! Rowley's Performance Mechanical knows every car has a schedule, and they're the organized pals to keep things on track. Your car's manufacturer made a master plan for a reason, and Rowley's is here to check off those boxes and give your car the VIP treatment it deserves. They're like the personal assistants for your vehicle, making sure it runs smoother and happier than a Saturday morning. So, let Rowley's be the life coach for your car – because a well-serviced car is a happy car, and a happy car means smooth rides for days! πŸš—πŸ“†πŸ’†β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜„